Why Be Concerned About T. B. Joshua & His Heresies?


T. B. Joshua’s so called “Holy Water”

I still fail to understand why so many so called Christians (including pastors) are enamored by T. B. Joshua and his teachings.

In this post, I want to speak to my fellow pastors – especially those of you who are closer to the situation than I am – please dear brothers, remember the words of Titus 1:9 where the Apostle Paul in talking about the qualifications and responsibilities of church elders/overseers writes, “He must hold firm to the trustworthy Word as taught, so that he may be able to give instruction in sound doctrine and also to rebuke those who contradict it.”

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Beware of Nigerian Religious Junk! Conrad Mbewe

Originally posted on Bible Answers:

In this video below, Conrand Mbewe talks with D. A. Carson about the spiritual junk food in Africa that passes as born-again Christianity.  Watch!

Lord willing, Conrad Mbewe will be speaking at the 2013 Chosen Generation Missions Conference.  I can’t wat to hear God’s Word faithfully proclaimed by this brother whom many refer to as the “Spurgeon of Africa.”

You can read his personal blog here, and read about his church in Lusaka, Zambia, here. Below is a taste of his preaching:

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Man-Centered Missions

Near the end of his extraordinary life, William Carey was becoming a household name in England. Biographies were being turned out to an eager public. Even mementos of Carey’s life were prized as almost sacred objects. One day a friend of Carey’s was going on and on about the fame of the “Father of Modern Missions.” Carey interrupted him sharply saying, “When I am gone, speak no more of Mr. Carey. Speak of Mr. Carey’s Saviour.” Carey wasn’t the last missionary to become a celebrity, and his rejection of such misplaced attention, his “He must increase; I must decrease” attitude is refreshing. But the whole story underscores a dangerous tendency in ministry.

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Mourn with Kenya, Pray for Kenya #WestgateSiege

Mourn with Kenya, Pray for Kenya #WestgateSiege.

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If I Were to Sit Down for A Cup of Tea or Coffee With T. B. Joshua…

Here is my next installment on T. B. Joshua.  I have simply entitled it, “If I Were to Have A Cup of Tea With T. B. Joshua…”

If I were to sit down for a cup of tea or coffee with T. B. Joshua, this is what I would say to Him (seven things): Read the rest of this entry »


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Singing Psalm 23 in Chichewa (Video)


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The Importance of Singing in the Life of A Christian

I came across this story below which illustrates the uniqueness of the Christian faith – and also the importance of singing in the Christian life.  The story comes from a book entitled, Spiritual Warfare and Missions:  The Battle for God’s Glory Among the Nations by Jerry Rankin and Ed Stetzer (p. 20).  Here it is:

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